Central Austin


Some of the oldest neighborhoods in the city are found in Central Austin. This area, which borders downtown, was the original residential district for the city. Neighborhoods like Old Enfield have wonderful estates that date from the early 1900’s.

In addition, Pemberton Heights and Tarrytown both provide a small town feel with many neighborhood activities. These neighborhoods provide a nice mix of commercial, residential and recreational development including Lions Municipal Golf Course and Deep Eddy, one of Austin’s natural spring fed pools.

Just north of downtown, is the eclectic Hyde Park neighborhood and located just west of downtown is Clarksville. Both neighborhoods are popular with artists, professors and families and are prized for their craftsman style bungalows. All of these neighborhoods are convenient to downtown and provide an urban element to daily life.

Includes MLS area 1B and 4.

Must do: Baylor Street Art Wall - This is one of those Austin stops that uniquely captures the essence of Austin. Once slated to be a condo project that ended up not materializing, the foundation has become a canvas for local graffiti artists. It is constantly changing, just like the city. Location: 11th & Baylor Street